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Spectator Info on Classes

Spectator Information on classes

American Quarter Horse Association Trail Classes

This class will be judged on the performance of the horse over obstacles, with emphasis on manners, response to the rider and quality of movement.



British Reining and NRHA (National Reining Horse Association)  Classes

In reining, a rider is required to negotiate one of a set number of 11 patterns which include prescribed manoeuvres of stops, spins, rollbacks, lead changes and circles at a lope.


American Quarter Horse Association Halter Classes

A halter class is defined as a class where the horse is judged based upon its conformation.



American Quarter Horse Association Showmanship Classes

The ideal showmanship performance consists of a poised, confident, neatly attired exhibitor leading a well groomed and conditioned horse that quickly and efficiently performs the requested pattern with promptness, smoothness and precision.




American Quarter Horse Association Hunter Under Saddle Classes

Hunter under Saddle is the preliminary class for English riding disciplines and judges evaluate  the way of going of a hunter type horse on the flat, at a walk, trot and canter.



American Quarter Horse Association Western Pleasure Classes

A good pleasure horse has a free-flowing stride of reasonable length in keeping with his confirmation. He should cover a reasonable amount of ground with little effort.




American Quarter Horse Association Horsemanship Classes

The ideal horsemanship pattern is extremely precise with the rider and horse working in complete unison, executing each manoeuvre with subtle aids and cues. The horse�s head and neck should be carried in a relaxed, natural position, with the poll level with or slightly above the withers.