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New Circuit Award for All Breed Classes - Desired Vision Memorial Trophy

Posted on June 19, 2012 at 1:20 PM

We're delighted to announce another Fenland Circuit Award. this is sponsored by B-Bar-B Performance Horses http://www.facebook.com/western.horses.uk, the Desired Vision Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the horse and rider combination winning the most Fenland points in SQH All Breed Unaffiliated classes at both the June and August Shows...

The standings are as follows:-

John Parsons Addicted to Storyin 14 points

Jane Carley Triple Cee Leaguer 13 points

Evelyn Dash Arabis King Bee 12 points

Helen Gough-Stinton Flash - 12 points

David Teideman Jays Dene - 11 points

Lucy Adams Driftins White Choice - 10 points

Jake Bradley BRS Goldstream - 10 points

Bev Piggins One Smart Jay - 9 points

Emily Sands SES Chic Playgirl - 9 points

Claire Evans Lani Smoke - 8 points.

All Breed Circuit Awards

Posted on June 4, 2012 at 10:20 AM

We're delighted with the response we're getting for this years show.   We've decided to put some circuit awards on the Unaffiliated SQH All Breed Classes.  For starters, there will be a circuit award on the Walk Jog Western Pleasure and Walk Jog Horsemanship classes.   Points will be earned at the June and August Shows and the horse and rider combination who earn the most Fenland points in these classes will win a crystal decanter with silver engraved tag.

We're thinking that we may add some more circuit awards for other SQH classes, but we're going to see how the entries are this coming weekend, and then make the decision then.  It's all very exciting!

Ranch Horse Pleasure Patterns

Posted on May 21, 2012 at 7:05 AM

You can now download the Ranch Horse Pleasure Patterns HERE

don't forget, the Fenland shows are offering the AQHA Ranch Horse Pleasure Class this year, AND there is a circuit award sponsored by Tailgator www.tailgator.co.uk Here's an article that we found about the first ever Ranch Horse Pleasure Class held in the USA in February, which proved to be very popular, we're really hoping it will be here...

A new American Quarter Horse Association ranch pleasure class yielded nine qualifiers for the 2012 AQHA World Championship Show.

AQHA added ranch pleasure as an open class in January, and the Southwest Quarter Horse Association February Show was the first show to put that class on the show bill.

“It was fantastic,” said Ferrell Morton, manager for the show in Las Cruces, New Mexico. “We had 41 entries. We had a lot of veteran exhibitors, who had drifted away (from showing in AQHA), who came back for it. The (horses) were (mostly) working horses, reiners, cow horses, that type of thing.”

Leanne Williams of Erie, Colorado, and Robert St. Clair of Falls of Rough, Kentucky, judged the show. They chose Pattern 1 for the first test of the new class.

“What I was looking for was a horse that I would take out on a working ranch, a horse I would take on a trail to get from Point A to Point B,” Williams said. “You don’t want a slow horse, you want a forward-moving horse, bright and alert. My emphasis was truly on horses that were broke and listening, but they also needed to be somewhat smooth.”

Ranch horse pleasure is a combined class, with open, amateur and youth exhibitors all showing in the one open-division class.

“It was a fresh new look,” St. Clair said. “It was kind of exciting. The exhibitors were all excited. It went off good. I think it’s going to be a popular class. It allows them to show the ranch-type horses the ranch type. They have to show extensions and work obstacles. I was really impressed with it.”

Horses will need two points to qualify in ranch pleasure for the 2012 World Show. Between the two judges, nine of the exhibitors from the SWQHA show earned at least two points.

In ranch horse pleasure, horses and riders enter the arena one at a time to perform a prescribed pattern. Pattern 1 calls for a walk, a jog, an extended jog, a change of leads, a 360-degree turn and a walk across poles.

“The poles definitely threw some of the horses,” Williams said. “I thought the class went over really positively. It took about two minutes per horse to run, and we used the whole arena, because the emphasis needs to be going forward. (Robert and I) pretty much had the same horses on our cards.

“We wanted horse that went straight and moved out when asked to,” she continued, “something you would enjoy riding. These guys were true cowboys. It was cold – wind-chill factor in 20s – but they were tough.”

St. Clair said the class didn’t require reining horses, but exhibitors needed to show horses with handling ability.

“We were looking for a horse you would ride on the ranch doing chores, and that’s the way they rode them,” he said.

Morton added that, overall, the show itself had more than 300 entries, with good classes throughout the two days of competition February 4-5.

“We’ve never had 300 in February before,” she said. “It was super, the way people received it.”

Horses entered in traditional western pleasure classes can’t also be entered in ranch pleasure, according to Patti Carter-Pratt, AQHA executive director of shows.

“Hoof polish and tail extensions are not allowed, and silver on saddles and bridles is discouraged,” Carter-Pratt said. “The class is going to bring a new group of horses to the show. It’s individually judged, with an excellent score sheet for member feedback. Horses shown in this class will earn AQHA Incentive Fund points and be able to qualify for the World Show.”

The watchword for the class is “forward.”

“The horses are to be judged on their movement in the required gaits along with the optional maneuvers. It’s more like a Versatility Ranch Horse ranch riding class, and the horses should perform accordingly,” said Alex Ross, AQHA senior director of judges. “They’ll be judged on movement, which is the cadence and rhythm of the gaits, smoothness, consistency in performance, but in all of that, when the horses are performing, they should be in a more forward gait than what you see in our normal western pleasure. Lack of forward motion will be penalized, and that’s emphasized.”

AQHA has some sample patterns in the AQHA Handbook of Rules & Regulations, but judges can also make up their own patterns as long as they include three of the five optional maneuvers and a change of direction somewhere in the pattern.

“The walk, the jog, extended jog, lope and extended lope will be required gaits,” Ross said, adding that the judge will select three of the five optional maneuvers: the sidepass; turns of 360 degrees or more; simple or flying lead changes; walking, jogging or loping over poles; or any other reasonable ranch maneuver.

The class should simulate how a rider might enjoy an American Quarter Horse riding across a pasture on a ranch. Because the horses will work individually, Carter-Pratt said, it will be up to the exhibitor to make sure the horse works at the correct rhythm and cadence for that horse.

“Exhibitors can move their horses forward and won’t have to worry about maintaining rail position to get the horse shown well,” she said. “Because they’re being shown individually, judges will be able to focus on manners, transitions and movement. It has a vintage feel to it.”

Ross was pleased that exhibitors in Las Cruces chose to take the class in the spirit it was intended.

“After talking to judges and spectators, it appears the first class was very successful,” he said. “There were a lot of quality horses, and it ran in a timely manner. I’m looking forward to seeing more as the year goes on.”

AQHA news and information is a service of AQHA publications. For more information on The American Quarter Horse Journal or America’s Horse, visit AQHA Publications.

Quiz Night with All Proceeds to AQHA UK Youth

Posted on May 18, 2012 at 12:45 AM

We're delighted to announce that we will be holding the popular Fenland Quiz Night on the Saturday evening, we'll be starting at around 8pm in the gallery.  Teams of 6 will pay £6 per team to register, with all proceeds going to the AQHA UK Youth Fund.

We've got trophies for the top three teams, and this year your stand in host(ess) will be Mistress of Ceremonies Jane Wallace with her helper Lindsay.   We've even got a projector and computer so we're going a bit high tech this year (which may end in tears!)

We would suggest you start reading your AQHA rule book, start watching westerns and go through back issues of the AQHA UK Journal for starters and start listening to your ipod!

This has always proved a very popular event, and even better it's raising money for the youths, and at the same time we have a lot of fun  and we have an awful lot of fun..  Now there is a question that we've always wanted the answer to... what does the "W" stand for in the initials SWB on Shane Borland's spurs (we don't know the answer to this, but have always wondered!)

All Around Awards At The Fenland Shows

Posted on May 18, 2012 at 12:40 AM

Following the popularity of the All Around Awards at the 2011 Fenland shows, we're delighted that we will be providing decanters with engraved silver tags for the overall allaround award in Open and Amateur - this will be over both shows 1 and 2, and be based on the all around points earned during both shows.  There is a decanter for both Open and Amateur.

There is also a overall Novice Amateur High Point Award presented to the Novice Amateur horse and rider combination who earn the most points over show 1 and 2.  Again a decanter with engraved silver tag will be presented.  As this is a High Point Award, you don't have to compete in the relevant categories in order to qualify for the All Around, you just show and amass points!

The Youths, well we didn't think it would be good to give them a decanter (although their parents might be able to take possession, so it might prove popular), so instead, we're offering a crystal bowl filled to the brim with sweeties for the Youth All Around Winner over shows 1 and 2. 

Farnam UK Sponsor Circuit Award

Posted on May 18, 2012 at 12:40 AM

We're grateful to www.lesliesutcliffe.com and Farnam UK for their continued generous sponsorship at the Fenland shows.  They will be sponsoring the Farnam All Around Perpetual Trophy - presented to the horse and rider combination who earn the most all around points (Open, Amateur and Youth) at the Fenland Shows in 2012 - thank you

For more info about www.lesliesutcliffe.com and Farnam UK click here

All Grand Champions At Halter To Win Special Trophies

Posted on May 15, 2012 at 7:00 AM

To win a grand championship at halter is a very special thing, and we're pleased to announce that all Grand Champions at the June Fenland Show will receive a special Fenland Trophy to commemorate their win.

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Sean Dillon Offspring Circuit Award

Posted on May 14, 2012 at 3:50 AM

We're delighted that Mike and Jane Roberts, the owner of Sean Dillon have generously offered to continue their sponsorship of the Sean Dillon Offspring Circuit Award.

Previous winners have included Zero Turbo Charge owned by Fiona Powley and Jack Te Higgins owned by Rebecca Holt.  Who will win this year?

Sean Dillon Trophy - Perpetual Trophy and sash awarded to the offspring of Sean Dillon who amasses the most points over the four shows - sponsored by DBS Quarter Horses


Double S Western Supplies sponsor NRHA Open Class Circuit Award

Posted on May 11, 2012 at 3:30 PM

We're delighted that Sarah Hood from Double S Western Supplies has generously offered to continue her sponsorship of the NRHA Open Reining Classes - all NRHA Pro classes, Ltd, Int and Open will form a highpoint circuit Perpetual Trophy, keepsake trophy and sash -sponsored by Double S Western Supplies.

Thank you so much

Profesionals Choice Sponsor Fenland Show

Posted on May 9, 2012 at 2:30 PM

We're delighted that Professionals Choice have offered to sponsor several prizes at the forthcoming Fenland Shows in 2012.   For starters, they've given us an awesome saddle pad to present as a circuit award for the Youth Western Pleasure Circuit Award.  This saddle pad will be given to the horse and youth combination who earn the most Fenland points over the 8-10 June and 3-5th August shows.   For more info on Professionals Choice please visit their website at www.profschoice.com